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  • Kreg Accu-Cut Guide - Metric
  • Kreg Accu-Cut Guide - Metric
  • Kreg Accu-Cut Guide - Metric

Kreg Accu-Cut Guide - Metric

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Features & Benefits

* Do rip cuts, cross cuts, and angled cuts up to 1220mm long.
* Align the Guide Track with your marks to make accurate cuts.
* Hold track in place without clamps thanks to anti-slip guide strips.
* Prevent splintering with anti-chip strips that support material during the cut.
* Universal Sled is compatible with the Kreg Rip-Cutâ„¢.


Accuracy in woodworking is the key to a good result, The Kreg Accu-Cutâ„¢ Circular Saw Guide Track System gives you this with just the addition of a hand held circular saw. The non-slip guide strips serve two purposes, firstly to prevent the track from moving throughout use, and secondly to use a a reference for positioning the track. Once the saw is fitted, the first use cuts the guide strips which is then used as a zero reference point for future cutting, which is where the accuracy comes from. The guide strips also are double featured, preventing chip-out on materials such as melamine, laminates and veneered board by the holding the delicate material down under the strip during the cut preventing it from lifting.

Whether a seasoned professional, a complete novice or somewhere in between, the ability to line the track up to marks made in sheet material, and then safely cut without the need worry of staying to the line is invaluable over distances up to 1220mm.


1 x Universal Saw Sled
2 x 673mm Aluminium Guide Tracks
2 x Track Connectors
1 x Starting Block
1 x Track Indicator Clip
Detailed setup and usage instructions

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Brand Kreg

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