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  • Triton Whetstone Grinder 120W
  • Triton Whetstone Grinder 120W
  • Triton Whetstone Grinder 120W
  • Triton Whetstone Grinder 120W

Triton Whetstone Grinder 120W

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The Triton Whetstone Sharpener is a good choice for hobbyists and professionals alike, whether you’re wanting to sharpen bench chisels or turning chisels. The water trough and slow spinning wheel keep the grinding area cool, so the tool being sharpened does not overheat.

The Triton Whetsone Sharpener comes standard with a stone grader, this will grade the grindstone from coarse to fine, allowing you to sharpen and hone your chisels on the one wheel, before polishing them on the leather honing wheel. The leather honing wheel when used with honing compound produces the highly polished razor sharp edge.

Different types of tools require different types of sharpening, being able to mount the tool in front or above the sharpener, accommodates all of these tools.

Includes: Support arm, Grinding Angle set-up Jig, Straight Edge Jig, Stone Grader

Features & Benefits

- Smooth 120W induction motor provides quiet & efficient operation.
- High-grade 220 grit grindstone sharpens steel edges efficiently & reliably.
- Water trough keeps the stone wet & the grinding surface cool, preventing overheating.
- Leather honing wheel for a razor-sharp, polished edge.
- Horizontal mounts for support arms maintain the correct angle for honing the blade.
- Vertical mounts for support arm for perfect positioning of the blade for sharpening.
- Rubber feet keep the machine steady & minimise vibration.
- Support arm & straight edge jig maintain correct sharpening angle.
- Grinding angle set-up jig for measuring & setting exact blade bevel.
- Stone grader dresses the stone for fine or coarse grinding.

Product Specifications:

Brand Triton
Motor 120W
Speed 125 rpm
Wheel Diameter 230mm x 30mm (Honing Wheel)
Wheel Diameter 250mm x 50mm (Grinding Wheel)
Workshop Footprint (WxDxH) 340mm x 270mm x 370mm
Shipping Weight 18Kg
Nett Weight 14.9Kg

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